Bootcamp in wildlife study design and data analysis

Dates: February 11-22, 2019 (10 days of workshops with two one-day breaks in-between)

Venue: University of Goettingen, Germany
Instructors: Mike Meredith and colleagues (BCCS, Malaysia)
Participation cost: 750 Euros (only workshop attendance costs and coffee breaks, does not include travel or accommodation)

Registration: Please fill out this short form by Oct 10 , 2018. We will inform selected participants by Oct 20, after we have screened and invited participants. Since we can only accommodate 24 participants, application-s will be selected based on the motivation, demonstrable experience in wildlife/field biology, and to ensure a good balance between genders, nationalities and professional affiliations. Payments are due by Oct 30 to confirm a place in the bootcamp.

About the Boot Camp: The 10-day "Boot Camp" is designed by experienced field researchers to specifically deal with wildlife data and is intended for those involved in wildlife research using techniques such as presence/absence surveys or mark-recapture - or those who need to understand the results of this research.Bayesian approaches for data analysis are strongly emphasized. Key topics covered are: introduction to Binomial and Poisson distributions, Bayesian analysis, Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC), Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Spatially explicit capture-recapture (SECR). Teaching methods are very hands-on and through exploration and experimentation. The ten days are full of practical activities, where participants generate their own data and then analyze it.

Target audience: The workshop is primarily aimed at graduate students (Masters and PhD) and anyone who is involved in research or analysis of field-collected data for wildlife management or conservation. No previous knowledge of statistics is needed, i.e., the instructors assume you've forgotten the stats you learnt at university!
Participants should have a background in field biology, as that's where the examples come from. We will assume familiarity with the use of computers - and in particular spreadsheets - and we'll ask you to bring a notebook computer to the course.

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