The standards for scientific presentations are very high and often their quality is crucial for the further development of an academic career. In addition to the professional presentation of the contents, your personal appearance is important for an authentic and successful presentation. How do I deal with stress situations? How do I react to unforeseen situations? Am I able to create a positive atmosphere for me and my audience? This hands-on seminar will address those and related topics and help participants to use their strengths for professional presentations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reflect one’s own strengths and use them effectively for presentations
  • Raise awareness of how you see yourself and how you are seen by others
  • Optimizing breathing, voice, language and body language
  • Lively contact in face-to-face communication and towards larger audiences
  • Flexible handling of difficult situations during presentation
  • Mastering stress and stage fright


  • Breathing and vocal exercises
  • Exercises for the improvement of personal appearance and presence
  • Perception exercises
  • Detailed feedback to and optimization of presentations
  • Brief theoretical inputs

Coach: Sabine Mariß
Sabine Mariss, Göttingen, studied social pedagogy at the University of Bremen. She is a certified voice trainer (Lichtenberger Institute, Darmstadt), a presentation trainer, a certified communication trainer (“Nonviolent communication”, after Marshall Rosenberg) and a mediator (Brückenschlag, Lüneburg). For more than 10 years she is working as a freelancer in Universities – e.g. Göttingen, Hannover and Kassel – as well as in different enterprises, giving presentation and communication workshops and coaching. In her work she is inviting her participants to discover and use their own strengths and evolve more and more to an authentic and confident person.

Language: German and English
Number of participants: 6 in each group