Career development through research funding

Researchers are increasingly faced with expectations to raise 3rd party funds if they want to pursue a successful research career. Yet, applying for 3rd party funds is not an end in itself and could even be detrimental to research careers, if disconnected from own scientific or life plans or scientific goals. This workshop, thus, aims to clarify which kinds of funding opportunities are suitable for the participants’ respective purposes. In addition, it offers insights into the objectives and practices of research funding institutions and peer review procedures. Individual short coaching sessions during the second day will help the participants to pave their way towards successful applications in view of their needs and ambitions.


  • Status quo analysis & career prospects
  • The research system in Germany & Europe
  • Individualised typology of research funding & career development opportunities
  • Basics of grant applications & peer review perspectives
  • Short coaching sessions

  • Coach: Dr. Beate Scholz
    Dr. Beate Scholz has worked internationally as strategy consultant, project facilitator, trainer and coach since 2003 (until April 2008 in addition to her position as head of the research careers unit at the German Research Foundation). She acts regularly as reviewer and evaluator, serving research organizations both in Germany and abroad.

    Language: English
    Number of participants: 12