SK.Bio.7009: Learning with a core facility - protein analytics using mass spectrometry (3 C, 3 SWS)

Learning outcome, core skills:
In the first part of the course, the students get an introduction to the analysis of proteins using liquid chromatography-coupled mass spectrometry (LCMS), and they will prepare
peptide samples themselves for this analysis technique in a practical part. Protein samples derive from current projects of different research groups at the Göttingen Campus. In the second part, the students will learn how to analyze the LCMS raw data for identification and relative quantification of proteins. Approaches for the statistical validation of the results will be introduced. The students will get the opportunity to analyze data on their own with state-of-the-art software tools. They will present their results of their project to their fellow students in a concluding seminar at the end of the course.

Practical course: Protein analytics using mass spectrometry (3 WHL)
Practical course and data analysis software training are supervised by members of two core facilities – LCMS Protein Analytics and Medical Biometry and Statistical Bioinformatics

Oral Presentation (approx. 15 minutes), not graded
Examination prerequisites:
Regular participation in the practical course
Examination requirements:
The students should present the results of their experiment in English.

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:
B.Bio.129 or B.Bio.118 or B.Bio.112 or equivalent
Practical experience with protein techniques (e.g. SDS-PAGE)


Course frequency:
winter or summer semester, on demand

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Maximum number of students:

Recommended semester:

1 semester

Person responsible for module:
Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Valerius