M.Geg.17 Landscape Ecology (6 C / 4 SWS)

Learning outcome, core skills
The students know the components of element, water and energy budgets and fluxes in landscapes, and the most important element cycles. They are familiar with assessing soil properties and soil distribution patterns in landscapes, and with the measurement of microclimatic parameters.
The students are able to generate hypotheses on the mutual relationships relief-soils-microclimate, to develop appropriate strategies for testing their hypotheses and to apply them in practice.
The students have the competency to work on a research question in small international,culturally diverse teams, in a creative and outcome-oriented way. Thereby, they appreciate diverse cultural backgrounds and different approaches to handle a task. They are able to reflect on these in a constructive way and to jointly develop strategies for solving their research questions.

Lecture: Landscape-ecological methods (1 WLH*)
Lecture: Landscape-ecological theory (1 WLH*)
Seminar: Landscape-ecological project (2 WLH*) with project-type components to be carried out in small international teams including measurements in the field.

Presentation (ca. 30 Min.) with written report (max. 20 p.) or DIN A0 poster

Examination prerequisites
Regular attendance of the seminar and active involvement in the field measurements

Elective options
Compulsory elective module (group 2) in MA Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und -management

Admission requirements

Master-Studiengang Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und –management

Angebotshäufigkeit / Semesterlage
each winter semester

1 semester


Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Daniela Sauer

Additional notes and regulations
The students get a confirmation letter about successful participation in an international module held in English language.

*WLH = Semesterwochenstunden (SWS)