M.Geg.08a: Field course on human-environment interactions (9 C / 8 SWS)

Learning outcome, core skills
The students have an integrative perspective on human-environment systems in various landscapes of central and southern Europe, which they explore during the field course. They understand the interlinkages “Geology/Geomorphology - Climate/Paleoclimate -Vegetation - Soils - Development of adapted human land-use systems - potential effects of Global Change” for these landscapes. This concept is extended to landscapes in different parts of the world, as this field course is offered for joint groups of geography students and international students of IMSOGLO. In the evenings of the field course, each IMSOGLO student introduces a landscape of his/her home country to the group according to the above scheme of interlinkages. The participants reflect on the diverse human-environment systems and share their perspectives with the international excursion group. These evening discussions raise the awareness that each perspective is influenced by a certain sociocultural background, and that different perspectives may be equally appreciated. Thus, they lead to a more global and self-reflexive perspective of the participants.

Course: Field course (7 WLH*)
Seminar: Preparatory seminar (1 WLH*)

In spite of various grants, students have to pay a cost share of several hundred to over a thousand euros for the large field course in M.Geg.08 or M.Geg.08a, depending on what is offered.

Term paper or report (max. 20 p.) on one of the landscapes that will be explored during the field trip

Examination prerequisites
Regular participation in field course and the seminar.
In small teams: seminar presentation on one of the landscapes to be explored during the field course (ca. 30 min). These teams are also responsible for the day of the field course that leads to their landscape. They will explain their landscape to the group during the field course, thereby considering the diverse backgrounds, sociocultural perspectives and various first languages in the excursion group.

Elective options
Compulsory elective module (group 1) in MA Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und -management

Admission requirements

Master-Studiengang Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und –management

Angebotshäufigkeit / Semesterlage
every second year in March

1 semester

german, english

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Daniela Sauer

*WLH = Semesterwochenstunden (SWS)