José Ángel Callejas Rodelas

Raum 5.135
Tel.: +49 551 39 12114
Fax: +49 551 39 9619



My main research interests are land-atmosphere interactions, biogeochemical cycles and climate change. In my bachelor thesis, I evaluated climate model outputs regarding climate change in primary climate variables in the Iberian Peninsula. During my master thesis, I studied CO2 exchange at a subcanopy level in an olive orchard in SE of Spain, with differentiated soil management.
My PhD is focused on land-atmosphere interactions over agroforestry systems (combination of fast-growing tree rows destinated to energy production with crops/grasslands alleys) and conventional monoculture systems in Northern Germany, inside the SIGNAL project (3rd phase). To evaluate these interactions, micrometeorological measurement techniques are applied (eddy covariance method). My main objective is to study long-term impact of agroforestry systems in relation to reference monoculture systems, regarding CO2, H2O and energy fluxes, and to evaluate how different parameters in an agroforestry system (climatic conditions, soil composition, distance between tree rows,…) influence global balances of these fluxes.