Understanding Neural Circuit Evolution

(Jul 7-8, 2022, Paris)

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A Satellite Event of the FENS Forum 2022

Description and Purpose:

Brains are among the most complex systems constructed by biological evolution. Understanding the principles of their design as versatile and efficient computational devices, reconstructing the paths through which the enormous diversity of animal nervous systems has emerged and uncovering how the evolution of brains and behavior impacts animal speciation itself are ultimate goals of biological intelligence research. Recent years have witnessed spectacular advances in our ability to uncover these fundamental evolutionary processes and principles.
The FENS satellite symposium "Understanding neural circuit evolution" will present exciting lines of research into neural circuit evolution from paleobiology to computational neuroscience and to the molecular and genetic generation of neuro-behavioral diversity. Organized by the German Research Foundation Priority Program "Evolutionary optimization of neuronal processing", the symposium is designed to make the full spectrum of progress in neural circuit evolution accessible to a wide neuroscience audience, to build bridges between experimental, computational and paleobiological research approaches, and to foster the emergence of a comprehensive conceptual framework for studies of neural circuit evolution.

For further information see the program. Access to the Satellite will be restricted to participants with confirmed registration.

program committee

  • Prof. Dr. Ilona Grunwald, Technical University Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Maximilian Jösch, IST Austria
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Kreiter, University of Bremen
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Nowick, FU Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Wernet, FU Berlin
  • PD Dr. Dieter Wicher, MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena
  • Prof. Dr. Fred Wolf, University of Göttingen & MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization


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75012 Paris