Travel Risk Response in Field Research - How to prevent putting yourself in danger (GGG)

Target group:
PhD students of GGG, other PhD students if free places are available

18.10.2022 (09:00 am - 05:00 pm)
PLUS optional information event (online) on September 15th, 2022 (10:00 am - ca. 10:30 am)

Venue: Big seminar room, Convention Centre by the Observatory, Geismar Landstr. 11, 37083 Göttingen

Available seats: 12
Course language: English
Target group: Beginners
Trainers: Benjamin Beutekamp and Ariane Köck

Seminar objectives:
Field research requires preparation in a professional manner. Beside your own expertise as a researcher you need to know how to avoid putting yourself in danger. Our one day safety training is among other things best practice for safety-oriented behavior in borderline / extreme situations such as medical emergencies, robberies, hostage-takings, political unrest, interrogation by authorities or natural disasters.

In addition to conveying certainty of action in threat cases, you will get a lot of useful information about how to prepare trips in general and how to prepare trips in crisis regions.

The training impresses with its highly practical content and is related to current events and to perpetratory tactics. The overall goal is to improve your situational awareness in unfriendly or hostile environments.

In particular, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to assess country-specific risks.
  • How to secure your accommodation.
  • Recognize and treat medical emergencies appropriately.
  • What if....terror attack occurs.
  • What if you are grilled by authorities.
  • Adequate emergency plans and equipment

Credits: 1 ECTS

Requirements: written reflection on lessons learnt, consequences for field research preparation as well as perceived benefits and limits (to be sent to by November 1st, 2022)

Preparation: The trainers offer an information exchange (online)in advance. By participating in this preparatory exchange, you get the chance to customize the workshop content with regard to individual expectations and experiences on the one hand and travel plans (destination, duration of stay, accomodation, group trip vs. individual field excursion etc.).

Please, write an e-mail to
contact for more information: Dr. Nelly Schubert, Phone: +551 39-28217

This course is organized by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG)

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