Xizhou Zhang


College / University

Jacobs University Bremen

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Biochemistry and Cell Biology



P.R. China

Lab Experience

Cloning; protein level monitoring with fluorometer; laser scanning microscopy; protein over-expression in E.coli; SEC (size exclusion chromatography); crystallization with Xantus LCP Robot; protein structural refinement with program coot and phenix; splicing assay; radioactively labeled RNA denaturing gel electrophoresis; spliceosome complex purification with affinity column.

Projects / Research

  • 09/2015 – 06/2016: Antibiotics response of TolC multi-drug resistance transporter (Bachelor Thesis), Jacobs University Bremen
  • 06/2015 – 08/2015: Structural analysis of BaiCD and BaiH protein in C. scindens, Vanderbilt University
  • 01/2015 – 06/2015: DAAD Award for Excellent Extracurricular Engagement
  • 07/2014 – 08/2014: Splicing of human and yeast pre-mRNA, particularly the transition stage between B to complex, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Scholarships / Awards

2016 – 2017: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2013 – 2016: Merit scholarship from Jacobs University Bremen
2015: Award from the University of Salamanca for an undergraduate internship
2013 – 2016: Member of President's List for excellent academic performance, Jacobs University Bremen


protein or protein-nucleid acid complexes and how these structures contribute to biological processes like signal transduction, infection or metabolism. I would like to understand how the microscopic structures and the macroscopic biological phenomena fit together.