Nadja Jung


College / University

University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (FH)

Highest Degree

Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Major Subjects





Lab Experience

Patch clamp studies of the HERG potassium channel; electron microscopy, x-ray mutagenesis and fly genetics; purification and characterisation of cancer related proteins; RNA interference in C. elegans

Projects / Research

  • Introduction of PCR as analytical method for the detection of microbial contamination in biological samples (Landesgewerbe-anstalt)
  • Research in autoimmunity: influence of cytokines on the onset of type I diabetes (The Scripps Research Institute)
  • Expression of FcRn in bacteria cells, in vitro refolding and generation of FcRn specific polyclonal antisera; Contribution of minor histocompatibility antigens to graft versus host disease (The Jackson Laboratory)


  • La Cava A, Balasa B, Good A, van Gunst K, Jung N, Sarvetnick N. (2001) J Immunol. 167(2): 1066-71
  • Balasa B, Boehm BO, Fortnagel A, Karges W, Van Gunst K, Jung N, Camacho SA, Webb SR, Sarvetnick N. (2001) Clin Immunol. 99(2): 241-52
  • Balasa B, Van Gunst K, Jung N, Balakrishna D, Santamaria P, Hanafusa T, Itoh N, Sarvetnick N. (2000) J Immunol.165(5): 2841-9
  • Balasa B, Van Gunst K, Jung N, Katz JD, Sarvetnick N. (2000) Cell Immunol. 202(2): 97-102

Scholarships / Awards

2001 – 2002: KWS Saat Stipend
2000 – 2001: DAAD Scholarship for diploma thesis work in the United States
1999: Stipend from the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan and State of Bavaria


My interest is focused on immunology, especially on autoimmunity. I am fascinated by the complex way the immune system works and though fails in some cases. My goal is to obtain deep knowledge in various fields of biology to be able to choose an appropriate area for performing my Ph.D. studies.