Begüm Yazgi (Turkey)

Begüm Yazgı graduated from Yıldız Technical University of Istanbul in 2007. Honing her academic skills at Sabancı University’s Political Science Master Programme, she started working at a “Turkey and European Union Civil Society Dialogue” project where she was responsible for all the administrative and communicative processes.
Begüm travelled to Uppsala and Göttingen where she studied Euroculture and started learning the languages concurrently. She delivered her paper on the comparative political theory in IP 2010, Gronningen. In 2011, she completed her internship at the Turkish Embassy in Prague. Afterwards, she attended Uppsala International Summer Session 2011. Begüm Yazgı was awarded with the Euroculture Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for the year 2009-2010.

Begüm's Euroculture Experience

The immense intercultural experience of Euroculture changed my life forever. The one and a half year I spent with Euroculture was a time of learning in many different ways. Whilst becoming an expert on the European Union; I met a thousand chances of exploration and teamwork.
Euroculture has equipped me with practical and theoretical knowledge about the European Union and its processes which will help me throughout my professional career. Already having hands-on experience about EU-funded project implementation, now I am more confident and determined in my career path.
The professors’ expertise on their subjects as well as their warm welcome and guidance always helped me to find the most efficient ways of studying and learning. The Eurocompetence projects provided us the space to apply the theoretical knowledge into reality and test our skills.
Making friends from all around the world made understand and cherish their various cultures and learn from them as much as I can. These many meetings left me with beautiful memories and happy bonds of friendship which will last forever.
Euroculture is a very colourful, fruitful and bright part of my road that goes ever on and on.