Bijan Boldajipour


College / University

University of Lübeck

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology




Lab Experience

Various methods of biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, Fluorescence Microscopy, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Solid Phase DNA Sequencing

Projects / Research

  • 2003 - 2004: Internship with Genovoxx GmbH, Lübeck, Germany.
  • Development of highly parallel single molecule genomic sequencing using reversible termination, automatisation and optimisation of laboratory processes, solid phase DNA sequencing

Scholarships / Awards

2004 – 2005: Stipend International Max Planck Research School


Since my late high school years I have been interested in the molecular aspects of life. The function and interaction of molecules that make life possible has fascinated me since that time and has driven me to become a researcher in the life sciences. My goal for this program is to gain a broad overview and understanding of the biological sciences in order to make a good contribution to biological and medical research in an interdisciplinary and international working environment .