I. Application requirements

No, your doctorate/ PhD including your thesis’ disputation needs to be concluded at the time of your application latest at the application deadline.
Postdocs in the first post-doctoral phase, whose doctorate has been completed no longer than three years ago, will be accepted preferentially. However, an application is still possible if the doctorate has been completed longer ago: The applicant then has to state reasons why she is to be assigned to the first postdoctoral phase. Such an explanation could for example be a pause or delay in academic activities due to periods of childcare, care for relatives, frequent mobility with changing work places or times of non-academic work.
No, you do not need to have a German citizenship to be eligible to apply for one of the positions.
The participating faculties change on a two-year cycle, only the Medical Center offers a position every year.
Yes, you don't need to be employed by one of the faculties or institutes of the University in order to apply. You need, however, a letter of support by a scientist of the faculty you want to apply to. The faculty or institute has to assure that they will employ you in case you will be awarded the position and provide all necessary infrastructure for you to carry out your project.

II. Application Documents
The references are to be sent from the authors directly to the Dorothea Schlözer postdoctoral programme's coordinator Katrin Kranz via email: katrin.kranz@zvw.uni-goettingen.de
The references don’t have to be written by scientists of the University of Göttingen – they can be scientists from other institutions, as well. Your application should however contain a statement of an internal scientist assuring that she/he supports your current or planned research project.
There are no strict requirements about the structure of your exposé. It should contain the following Information:
1. Personal data (first name, surname, academic degree, contact details)

2. Information regarding your research project
a) Topic and field of expertise
b) Abstract (Please summarize the main goals of you research in general terms. This summary mainly serves to inform the interdisciplinary selection committee and the Presidential Board about the core goals of your research project.)
c) Account of the current state of research in line with academic standards insofar as relevant to your research project
d) The problem you assigned yourself to and preliminary work done by you regarding your research project
e) Your work schedule (including timetable) and planned methods of research

3. Information about the significance of your proposed research project concerning your academic and professional future. Possibly, also how and at which university or research institute you wish to continue your research activities.

III. Conditions of employment
The positions are generally scheduled for a term of two years (full time position).
Yes, it is possible to work part-time due to family-related reasons. The positions will then be prolonged accordingly.
The positions can be prolonged for times of maternity leave, parental leave, and times of caring for relatives. If you work part-time due to family reasons, the position will be prolonged accordingly.
No, the scholarships awarded by the Dorothea Schlözer programme have been replaced by the positions in 2017.