• Geoprobe 7730DT direct-push machine including 26 t MAN truck (with equipment for DP Wenner EC, multilevel groundwater sampling, multilevel soil sampling, monitoring well construction, multilevel contaminant concentration measurement (MIP and contaminant detectors)

Direct push

Direct push machine (Geoprobe 7730DT)

  • Mount Sopris geophysical borehole logging equipment (winch, and impeller flow, passive γ, T, LF probes)

Geophysical borehole logging

Geophysical borehole logging equipment (Mount Sopris)

  • Borehole inspection camera
  • GGUN multiwavelength flow through fluorometers
  • Turner 10AU field fluorometer

Field fluorimeters

Field fluorimeters (Turner 10AU, GGUN)

  • Fiber-optical high-temperature, high-pressure multichannel spectrofluorimeter


Fiber-optical multichannel spectrofluorimeter (Avantes)

  • AP Sensing fiber optical distributed temperature sensing (FO-DTS) system for measuring spatial temperature distributions, hybrid cable for enhanced geothermal response testing

FO-DTS system

FO-DTS system (AP Sensing)

  • Pneumatic multilevel slug test equipment, 2” and 3”, with high resolution pressure probes and high frequency multichannel pressure data loggers

Slug test equipment

Pneumatic multilevel slug test equipment

  • Pumping test equipment (2”, 3”, 4” submersible pumps, suction pumps, discharge rate meters, water level data loggers, water quality parameter (T, pH, O2, LF) measuring devices, discharge rate regulators, pipe and hose systems, winch tripods

Pumpung test

Pumping test equipment (example)

  • DJI S800 UAV for IR VIS imaging
  • Packer systems for multilevel pumping tests
  • Packer systems for multilevel sampling
  • Low flow rate sampling pumps (bladder, inertial etc.)
  • Peristaltic sampling pumps
  • Field power generators
  • Air compressors
  • Automated water samplers
  • Borehole data loggers (p, LF, T)
  • Meteorological station
  • Soil probing equipment
  • Field computers
  • Water level meters
  • Surveying equipment
  • GPS handheld devices