Feras Saleh Ali Saeed

RTG PhD student, member since 2021

Project "Form-meaning mismatches in number and gender"

My research project focuses on the morphosyntax of the Arabic DP where I examine different morphosyntactic effects that arise when the head noun combines with another noun, an adjective, a numeral or a demonstrative. Among these effects are the different mismatches in φ-features, case and definiteness between the head noun and other modifiers. This research aims at investigating these mismatches in order to understand whether they are the result of constrained domains which restrict the otherwise transparent relation between form and meaning, or if they can receive an alternative explanation in terms of non-transparency in the mapping between form and meaning where the presence of inflection on the modifier or the noun lacks semantic interpretation.

Supervisors: Hedde Zeijlstra , Sascha Alexeyenko , Caroline Sporleder

Research interests:

-The morphosyntax of DPs
-Nominal modification
-Agreement/concord systems
-The morphosyntax of adjectives
-The morphosyntax of numerals


Saeed, Feras. Feature-mismatches on prenominal adjectives. To appear in Proceedings of ConSOLE31 (2023).

Saeed, Feras. Split inflection on internominal adjectives. To appear in Proceedings of Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2023.