The Finnish-German Graduate School in Forest Ecosystem Studies (ForEco)

Structure and growth of trees in mixed forests
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Research Unit, Finland

Sauli Valkonen
Birch admixture in conifer stands in Finland - a challenge and an asset

Tuomo Kalliokoski
Characteristics of fine roots and ectomycorrhizae along gradients of
stand developmental stage and soil fertility in mixed boreal forests

Catharina Meinen
Fine root dynamics in broad-leaved deciduous forest stands differing
in tree species diversity

Risto Sievänen & Pekka Nygren
Modeling the architecture of coarse roots of birch, spruce and pine

Anna Lintunen
Vascular elements from root to shoot in pine, spruce, and birch

Tobias Gebauer
Sap-flux-scaled canopy transpiration in species-rich and species-poor temperate deciduous forests

Eero Nikinmaa
Photosynthetic production in crowns of pine, birch, and spruce

Mascha Jacob
Productivity and nutrient relations of trees in deciduous
forests along a gradient of increasing tree species diversity

Tero Kokkila
Growth driven by light competition in mixed forests simulated by the
model Acrobas

Inga Schmidt
Tree neighborhood effects on the radial increment of European
beech in mixed stands

Andreas Mölder
Herb-layer diversity in deciduous forests: Raised by tree richness or
beaten by beech?