Young researchers - Intellectual exchange - Spirited debate - The Salon

Young researchers
The East Asia Research Salon is a venue for PhD students in the field of East Asian Studies to meet, network and show their work. It brings together a new generation of young scholars and established researchers to create a vibrant hub of scholarly exchange and collaboration.

Intellectual exchange
The Salon provides PhD students the opportunity to present their work to senior faculty and one another. Participants will receive feedback on their dissertations from participating senior scholars, faculty and peers.

Spirited debate
The colloquium will be conducted in an informal and interactive manner. Participants will engage in scholarly exchange on topics related to the dissertation proposal, theory and methodology, relevant literatures and research strategies.


The Salon

The CeMEAS East Asia Research Salons are small group gatherings taking place 3-4 times per semester. They are hosted by a young and inspiring faculty member. The Salon wishes to develop an intellectual environment for spirited debate and mutual exchange of ideas in the field of East Asian Studies.

Present your research project
Presenting your PhD and/or research efforts to your peers and faculty members will give you valuable feedback and support your research with additional ideas. It introduces you to a network that can be very helpful with your career and future research projects.


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