The GEOROC Data Repository is a new research data repository in the Earth Sciences domain with a specific focus on geochemical data. It is hosted at Göttingen University under the DIGIS project. The GEOROC Data Repository archives, publishes and makes accessible user-contributed, peer-reviewed research data that fall within the scope of the GEOROC database.

All submissions of new data will be considered for inclusion in the GEOROC database. In addition, compilations of relevant compositional data may also be published through the repository. We will soon open a data submission portal for easy data upload that will include detailed guidance on data and formatting requirements. In the meantime, to publish your data, please fill in one of the templates provided below and email it to the DIGIS curatorial staff (

Bulk Analysis Template
In Situ Analysis Template
Time Series Analysis Template
Core Sample Template

By submitting your dataset, you hereby agree to and accept the following policies:

Repository Scope

The repository is domain-specific, offering curation and review of user-submitted data in a variety of Earth Science disciplines. However, data must be within the scope of the GEOROC database: only geochemical and isotopic compositional data of rocks, glasses, minerals and inclusions are accepted. Data must have been obtained and produced following Good Research Practice.

We reserve the right to reject datasets from publication if, upon curatorial review, the submitted data type is considered outside of the repository scope. If you are unsure whether your data are within the scope of the GEOROC Data Repository, please check with our curatorial staff before starting your data submission. Whenever possible, our staff will provide alternative repositories that would better suit your data type.

Publishing Timeline

Upon submission you will receive a reserved DOI and a private share link to your dataset. This private URL may be used for confidential peer review. The DOI will only be activated once the related manuscript has been accepted for publication in an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal, at which time your dataset will be published and become publicly accessible.


Data submissions to the GEOROC Data Repository must adhere to the minimum metadata requirements outlined in Goldstein et al. (2014). Metadata associated with submitted data will be reviewed during the submission process. However, the completeness and correctness of (meta)data is the responsibility of the contributor.

Data Preservation

Datasets are archived by and published through, the institutional data repository of Georg-August University Göttingen. Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are assigned to datasets through the DataCite membership of the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB). Datasets are citable following the same format as a scientific article. Data compilations published through the GEOROC Data Repository must include appropriate citations to all original data sources and providers.

The GEOROC Data Repository increases the interoperability of long-tail data by providing cross-references through persistent identifiers to related research products and people or institutions involved (e.g. DOI, ORCID). To facilitate reuse of data, we recommend cross-referencing of scholarly publications to describe the full provenance of a dataset (e.g. methods).

Terms of Use

Content will be published under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) for metadata and the CC-BY license for data. By submitting research content and metadata to the GEOROC Data Repository the user grants DIGIS the right to reproduce and process/edit the submitted research content and corresponding metadata for archive, publication and re-usage purposes.

Access to the GEOROC Data Repository is open and free but you must adhere to the licensing requirements when sharing or reusing datasets. Temporary access restrictions to data files within a dataset are available upon request.

Contents available in the GEOROC Data Repository were created with best care and attention and will be updated on a regular basis. DIGIS does not accept liability for the quality, topicality or completeness of the contents provided and their suitability for specific purposes.

Data Transfer to the GEOROC database

GEOROC is a leading global geochemical database for rocks and minerals that also offers curated datasets with a regional or topical focus. In conjunction with other databases in the OneGeochemistry initiative (e.g., AstroMat, the AuScope Geochemistry Network, EPOS Multiscale Laboratories, MetBase, PetDB), GEOROC is promoting the sustainable and universal use and re-use of geochemical data. In order to improve this service, all data submitted to the GEOROC Data Repository will be considered for inclusion into GEOROC or transferred to one of the other databases, as appropriate with respect to their topical scope, unless the submitting author specifically indicates otherwise. When data are included In the GEOROC database, transformations of data or variables might occur to fit GEOROC’s data concepts.