GIAN Conference 2015: Water- Source of life, 17-18 October 2015, Iran

Venue: Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, I.R. of Iran

Visit to the traditional orchards in Qazvin

For over a thousand years, Qazvin's traditional gardens have housed many varieties of trees and plants that have adapted themselves to the dry climate of the region.These gardens are demarcated by raised land barriers (dyke), which sometimes reach as high as two meters from the base of the trees. The predominant produce of these gardens include walnut, almond, pistachios, and grapes, which are planted in the spaces between tall trees. Each garden with the perimeter walls of up to 2 meter tall acted as a local dam and a potential reservoir for collecting flood waters. One of the unique features of traditional gardens is its irrigation method. During the wet season, according to the water scroll, gardens are flooded with water up to the tip of the dyke. This water then gradually penetrates into the ground.During the last few decades, the constructions of railroad through the gardens and building of industrial estates around the traditional garden
complex have been the major causes of damage and destruction to gardens.The surface area of the traditional gardens has been reduced to 2500 hectares. The northern wing of the gardens have completely disappeared.

Conference topics:

1- Water & Ecosystem
2- Water Governance in the Changing World
3- Water & Environmental Sustainability
4- Water & Socio-Economic Aspects
5- Water & History
6- Water & Green Economy
7- Water & Climate Change
8- Water Crisis & Risk Management Including Quality of Water
9- Advances & Opportunities in Water Technologies

Conference Date: October 17 - 18, 2015 (Saturday-Sunday)
Excursion Date: October 13 - 16, 2015 (From Tuesday to Friday)