GlobalFood Policy Brief Series

GlobalFood Policy Briefs report research results of GlobalFood in a different publication format to facilitate communication between academia and policy makers, NGOs, and other related agents. Feel free to contact the authors for further details.

GlobalFood Policy Brief Series ISSN: 2366-0546

  • Policy Brief No. 3: Phones for food: Nutritional implications of mobile phone use in rural Africa (2020). Martin Parlasca. (download as PDF)
  • Policy Brief No. 2: Contracts for Poverty Reduction and Agricultural Growth (2020). Anette Ruml. (download as PDF)
  • Policy Brief No.1: Obstacle or opportunity? Food safety standards as a challenge for developing countries (2015). Malte Ehrich, Fatima Kareem, Amjad Masood, Anna Müller. (download as PDF)