Amirhossein Hajialiasgary Najafabadi


College / University

The University of Isfahan

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Cell and Molecular Biology




Lab Experience

R programming, Python programming, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Machine learning, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Statistics, GraphPad Prism, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, primer design, real-time PCR, electrophoresis, gene engineering and cloning

Projects / Research

  • 2022: Career Project, Study the connection between mRNAs, miRNAs and lncRNAs expression level in lung cancer, lupus erythematosus, and preeclampsia, Islamic Azad University, Kazeroun Branch
  • 2021 – 2022: Career Project, Exosomal applications in cancer molecular diagnosis, Rayca Biotechnology
  • 2021 – 2022: The Role of Drug Resistance Causing lncRNAs in Breast Cancer: In silico Analysis, University of Isfahan
  • 2020 – 2022: Research, The expression of FAM72B, MIR193BHG, CDK5R1, SERPINE1, and CISH as the prognostic markers in twelve cancers based on meta-analysis, University of Isfahan
  • 2021: Research, The role of cell surface proteins gene expression in diagnosis, prognosis, and drug resistance of colorectal cancer: In silico analysis and validation, University of Isfahan

Scholarships / Awards

2022 – 2023: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2017 – 2021: the University of Isfahan Award for Exceptional Talents


Artificial intelligence applications in molecular biology are a fantastic field of research. I am eager to study cellular processes interdisciplinary by combining wet and dry lab methods. I intend to focus on gene regulatory networks in ageing, longevity, development, and related diseases such as cancer. However, further gathering experience in different biological areas will give me a comprehensive knowledge to develop my skills and take well informed decisions. Finally, knowledge without usage is vain, so I would love to find applications for everything I learned .