Copyright © 1996-2010 Elizabeth M. Gillet. Email egillet@gwdg.de. URL http://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/67064.html

HAPLOGEN and DIPLOGEN perform qualitative inheritance analysis of zymograms and DNA electropherograms observed in haploid gametophytes and diploid individuals, respectively. Input consists of the banding patterns, encoded as lists of 0´s and 1´s, of a genetically closed sample of gametophytes or diploid individuals, i .e., the sample contains all possible banding patterns that can result as interlocus combinations of the alleles in the sample. Although genetic closure can only be judged after completion of inheritance analysis, certain sampling strategies increase the chances for genetic closure. HAPLOGEN and DIPLOGEN systematically generate all hypotheses for the mode of inheritance of these patterns that conform to qualitative rules for the genetic interpretation of single bands. These rules follow from the concept of "transmission homology" [1].

HAPLOGEN and DIPLOGEN are compiled using the GNU Fortran compiler gfortran for Win32 (WinXP) and Linux (openSUSE 11.2). Send comments, suggestions, and bug reports to Email egillet@gwdg.de


HAPLOGEN with User's Manual:
Win32: haplogen-W32.zip
Linux: haplogen-linux.tar

DIPLOGEN with User's Manual:
Win32: diplogen-W32.zip
Linux: diplogen-linux.tar


[1] Gillet E.M. 1996. Qualitative inheritance analysis of isoenzymes in haploid gametophytes: principles and a computerized method. Silvae Genetica 45, 8-16. http://www.bfafh.de/inst2/sg-pdf/45_1_8.pdf

HAPLOGEN and DIPLOGEN are free software: you can redistribute them under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v.3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. HAPLOGEN and DIPLOGEN are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Reassembling is not permitted. See the GNU General Public. A copy of the GNU GPL is contained in the file COPYING included in the download file, or see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.