Research interest:
My research interest include ecological population genetics and also molecular breeding of forest. I have interest on genetic diversity, gesnetic improvement, and breeding of diseases tolerant tree trees species by developing innovative strategies to enhance the efficiency of tree improvement program with the ultimate goal of restoring, promoting sustainability and resilience in forest ecosystems. I am also interested in collecting and conserving germplasm of trees for future. I have also worked on DNA barcoding of tropical trees.
Current Project:
ElmAsh: Investigating rapid multiplication techniques and microbiome of Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and genetic conservation of Wych elm (Ulmus glabra) to breed disease-resistant genotypes.
I am currently working in ElmAsh project with the aim to select and breed diseases tolerant genotype and to conserve the germplasm for the future by
1. Examining and developing rapid multiplication methods to accelerate breeding for disease-tolerant Ash genotypes.
2. Investigating the endophytic microbiome of Ash trees from Teagasc gene-banks, which are showing different level of tolerance to the natural infestation of Ash dieback disease.
3. Collecting and propagating the healthy Wych elms plant material to establish a germplasm collection for Dutch elm disease screening.