Kolloquien 2017-2018

  • 18th October 2017
    Fellows shortly introduce their individual research project

  • 25th October 2017
    Introduction to Research Groups: Enlightenment (Martin Gierl), Human Rights (Matthias Koenig), Jewish Studies (Martin van Gelderen)

  • 1st November 2017
    Matthias Koenig: the German academic world

  • 8th November 2017
    Guided Tour: "Mother Nature: Depictions of nature and femininity in Early Modern Art", University Art Collection

  • 15th November 2017
    Marsha Libina: Divine visions: Image-making and imagination in the Early Modern academies of art

  • 22nd November 2017
    Samuel Rubenson: Formative Wisdom: The Medieval and Early Modern Reception of Ancient Monastic Wisdom Literature

  • 29th November 2017
    Tony La Vopa, “The Labor of the mind. Intellect and Gender in Enlightenment Culture” – book launch and conversation with Joanna Wharton and Julia Voss

  • 6th December 2017
    Guided Tour: Ethnographic Collection

  • 13th December 2017
    Ewa Morawska: Exploring ground-level multiculturalism in the past: The Case of Renaissance Venice

  • 10th January 2018
    Bob Moore: Rethinking Rescue: the Heroes and the Hidden

  • 17th January 2018
    Julia Voss: The Future of Art: Hilma af Klint’s life and work

  • 24th January 2018
    Lars Magnusson: Comparing Cameralisms: how and for what purpose?

  • 31st January 2018
    Paula Henrikson: Ruins and Revolutions: Swedish Literature on the Move in the Early 19th Century

  • 7th February 2018
    Benjamin Tate, Princeton University Press: Publishing Monographs in the Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 11. April 2018
    Demetrius Eudell (Wesleyan University):
    “A Language for the Eye”: Lichtenberg, Lavater, Hogarth and the Spirit of Observation in the 18th Century

  • 18. April 2018
    Temi Odumosu (University of Malmö):
    The Taboo Touch: Artists, Africans and Graphic Satire in 18th Century England

  • 25. April 2018
    John McCormick (University of Chicago):
    The Crisis of Democracy and the Populist Cry of Pain

  • 2. Mai 2018, 18:15 Uhr
    Jürgen Schlumbohm (Göttingen):
    Verbotene Liebe, verborgene Kinder. Das Geheime Buch des Göttinger Geburtshospitals, 1794-1857

  • 9. Mai 2018, 18:15 Uhr
    Fania Oz-Salzberger (University of Haifa):
    Isaiah Berlin Revisited: his ideas of Enlightenment, Nationalism, and Germany in current perspective

  • 23. Mai 2018
    Hiram Morgan (University College Cork):
    Servant and Subverter of Empire: Ireland in the history of Imperialism

  • 30. Mai 2018
    Yael Almog (Lichtenberg-Kolleg):
    Lethal Zion: On the Jewish Longing for Europe

  • 6. Juni 2018, 18:15 Uhr
    Panel discussion with Jennifer Pitts (University of Chicago) on her new book: Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire

  • 13. Juni 2018
    Zsófia Lóránd (Lichtenberg-Kolleg):
    Feminist intellectual history in East Central Europe

  • 20. Juni 2018
    Richard Fischer (Cambridge):
    Writing a Book Proposal / Academic Publishing in the 21st Century

  • 27. Juni 2018
    Georgios Varouxakis (Queen Mary University London / Lichtenberg-Kolleg):
    Where, when, and what is "the West": history of an idea