Labore für Bodenmechanik und -physik

  • Sieving machine, applicable for wet sieving, multiple sieve sets
  • Permeameter, falling head
  • Permeameter, constant hydraulic gradient, automated control, data logging


Constant head permeameter setup (PERO)

  • Soil column testing experimental apparatus, unsaturated and saturated experiments, investigation of soil physical and transport properties, automated control, data logging
  • Triaxial cell, static, automated control, data logging

Triaxial cell

Triaxial cell Wille Geotechnik

  • Equipment to provide degassed water
  • Oedometer
  • Shear box apparatus (stress and shear force applied with restricted sideways deformation, direct shearing, drained)

Shear box

Shear box apparatus

  • Proctor experimental equipment
  • Equipment to estimate consistency (Atterberg) limits
  • Capillary pyknometers
  • Equipment to perform sedimentation experiments
  • Groundwater flow and transport demonstration kit
  • Standard laboratory equipment (analytical scales, digital calipers, exsiccators, drying ovens, muffle furnace, pumps for column experiments, vacuum pumps, core drilling machines, ultrasonic cleaners, fume hoods etc.)