M.Geg.18 Earth surface dynamics and associated hazards (6 C, 4 SWS)

Learning outcome, core skills
The students understand past, present and future landscape dynamics, their natural and human drivers, path-dependent processes and scale-dependent impacts. They
know how to identify relevant Earth surface dynamics and associated hazards from the geological, geomorphological, hydrological and ecological configuration of a landscape.
The students can apply suitable methods to analyze a landscape through field mapping and (geo-)statistical data analyses. They are able to use theoretical and data-based knowledge to identify path-dependencies and dynamics that act across different spatial and temporal scales. They can develop strategies to inform regional land management and to anticipate and mitigate future environmental and resource crises.

Lecture/Seminar: Earth surface dynamics and challenges in managing associated hazards (2 WLH*)
Exercise: Practical course Earth surface dynamics (2 WLH*)

Presentation (approx. 20 min.) with term paper (15 pages max.) or presentation (approx. 20 min.) with wirtten report (15 pages max.)

Examination prerequisites
Presentation (approx. 15 min.) in the practical course

Elective options
Compulsory elective module (group 2) in MA Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und -management

Admission requirements

Master-Studiengang Geographie: Ressourcenanalyse und –management

Angebotshäufigkeit / Semesterlage
each winter semester

1-2 semester(s)

English, German

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Dietze

*WLH = Semesterwochenstunden (SWS)