M.Sc. Forest and Ecosystem Sciences (FES)

Looking at the forest and forest ecosystem from various perspectives: ecosystem analysis and modelling, ecosystem sciences and tropical and international forestry – you can specialize in one of these three study tracks as your individually chosen forestry topic .
The curriculum provides hands-on approaches to tackle important current issues such as global warming, climate change, change of land use, species loss and treats to biodiversity. In the ecosystems analysis and modelling study track the focus is on an in-depth training in advanced programming, data analysis as well as theoretical ecology and practical conservation management. In the ecosystem sciences study track the students receive a research-based training on terrestrial ecosystems function from molecules to landscape level and laboratory methods in ecosystems sciences. In the tropical and international forestry study track, the students learn all about sustainable management of tropical and international forests including an international excursion where the students development jointly an interdisciplinary management plan on-site. Throughout their studies, students will take part in cutting-edge research activities on these topics in an interdisciplinary and international environment.

FES-Students share their impressions and expericences in this video-clip.

***Application for a DAAD EPOS scholarship | Study track TIF only***

Call for Scholarship Applications:
Master scholarships by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

You may apply for our M.Sc. Program Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, study track: Tropical and International Forestry including a DAAD EPOS scholarship.

Application Closing Date: 31.10.

Applications have to be submitted via the application portal of the study program on the faculty's website (see section "Application and admission").


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified applicants. The current call for applications and necessary application documents for the scholarship for an EPOS study program can be found on the "DAAD's website".

Please go to the section "Application and Admission" for an application for the TIF study track incl. a DAAD EPOS scholarship.

Study structure

Within the 2-years M.Sc. programme Forest and Ecosystem Sciences students complete a total of 120 ECTS – 90 credits by taking courses and 30 credits by writing the Master’s thesis. The curriculum comprises a variety of compulsory modules (60-66 C) and additional 24-30 credits need to be covered by taking elective modules. Students may chose in this section from specific elective modules offered by our faculty, from other study-relevant subjects, or they may take compulsory modules of the other FES study tracks for their electives. Also key-competencies and language courses are included in the programme structure of FES. In addition, students can extend their course of studies thanks to a large set of options, internships and international visits. All three study tracks include a specific study project, usually conducted in small groups of students.
This rather new degree programme started in winter term 2020 and qualifies the student for an international career in forest and ecosystems management as well as in the areas of environmental protection and conservation or development collaboration. Graduates may also start a scientific career, work in IT-related areas or planning and consultancy offices.