Niklas Keller

I’m interested in the use of stable isotopes as a tool for the reconstruction of environmental conditions in the past and present. My work focusses on marine geochemistry and the role that element cycles play for global climate evolution. Previously, I have worked on Iron Isotopes of suspended matter in the Baltic Sea.

For my PhD project, I investigate Mg isotope fractionation in bivalve shells and their potential as an archive for Magnesium isotope signatures of the Cenozoic ocean. Mg isotope ratios in paleo-seawater will inform about the causes of the climatic cooling trend over the course of the Cenozoic that is accompanied by changing Mg/Ca in seawater.

Project title: Bivalve shells as a potential archive for the Magnesium isotope signature of the Cenozoic ocean

Major research interests

Stable isotope geochemistry
Marine geochemistry
Paleoclimate reconstruction
Bivalve shells as a paleo-archive

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