PhD students

Prudence de Pontbriand
Project:"Null objects"

Katja Friedewald

Katja Friedewald
Project:"Presentational particles"

Lieke Hendriks Foto

Lieke Hendriks
Project:"Diachrony of split NP / DP constructions"

Karen Hovind
Karen Hovind
Project:"Wh-less degree questions"

Judith Kalinowski
Judith Kalinowski
Project:"Word-form and word-meaning mismatches
in language acquisition"

marianthi koraka
Marianthi Koraka
Project:"Imperatives and imperative speech acts
across modalities"

Andrea Matticchio_picture
Andrea Matticchio
Project:"From discourse to syntax"

Gautam Ottur
Gautam Ottur
Project:"Verbal agreement in and across sign languages"

irene pagliai
Irene Pagliai
Project:"Identifying context-dependent meaning components
of figurative expressions "

Feras Saeed new3
Feras Saeed
Project:"Form-meaning mismatches in number and gender"

Maik Thalman
Maik Thalmann
Project:"Scrambling and scalar implicatures"

Zhao Zeqi
Project:"Particles with question and disjunction uses"