Spyridoula Sagropoulou


College / University

Democritus University of Thrace

Highest Degree

Bachelor of Science

Major Subjects

Molecular Biology and Genetics




Lab Experience

Sequencing preparation with Ion Torrent technology (library preparation, library quantitation, template preparation, chip loading), CUT&Tag Protocol (both wet and dry lab analysis), Cell culture (handling of primary and cancer cell lines such as DLD-1, IMR90s, HCT116, HEK293), ChIP-sequencing, Western Blotting, PCR, real-time PCR, Epifluorescence Microscopy, Microbiological techniques such as Culturing of microorganisms, Analysis of Bioburden, Spread Plate and Pour Plate Techniques, Pharmaceutical Sterility Testing, Genomic Isolation, Purification and Quantification (NANODROP 2000, Qubit 4 System).

Projects / Research

  • 2021: Practical training & Diploma Thesis "Analysis of the grape microbiome of Agiorgitiko variety of Vitis vinifera using Next Generation Sequencing"; Supervisors: Prof Maria Irini Grigoriou, Assoc. Prof Petros Kolovos; Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics; Democritus University of Thrace
  • 2021: Study of the HMGB2 protein bound to chromatin with respect to cellular ageing on HEK293 cells; Erasmus+ Internship in the laboratory "Translational Epigenetics" of Prof Argyris Papantonis; Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG)
  • 2020: Comparative analysis of prokaryotic grape microbiome in native wine varieties using Next Generation Sequencing on ION Torrent platform; 12th Conference of Panhellenic Association of Life Sciences

Scholarships / Awards

2022 – 2023: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School
2019 – 2020: Financial Aid Programme for diligent students belonging to vulnerable social groups (VSG)
2018 – 2019: Financial Aid Programme for diligent students belonging to vulnerable social groups (VSG)
2017: Eurobank Group's Corporate Responsibility Programme: "The Great Moment for Education", Award for high performance in the Panhellenic examinations


The principals of life organization in terms of molecular biology always allure me. Especially the fields of Chromatin Organization, Epigenetics, Neurobiology and Microbiome Research have gained great interest for me. Overall, I would like to gain insight and specialize in the aforementioned fields on a theoretical and practical basis as they are the pivot of my attention. What I hope to reap from this MSc program in Göttingen is to expand my knowledge and expertise in more advanced techniques.