Madhumati Sevvana


College / University

University of Hyderabad

Highest Degree

Master of Science

Major Subjects

Biochemistry, molecular biology, immunolgy, structural biology, computer applications in biology, biophysical and bioorganic chemistry




Projects / Research

Summer training in protein biochemistry laboratory, University of Hyderabad (purification and isolation of lectins from plant source, assay of their activity, preparation of acetone powders and training in other techniques related to protein purification)

Scholarships / Awards

2000 – 2001: University merit scholarship for securing first in first year of M.Sc.
1999 – 2000: University merit scholarship for securing first in the entrance examination conducted by the university


Biochemistry, the molecular basis of life is being greatly transformed by genetic engineering and this has led to integration of protein biochemistry and molecular genetics: my area of interest includes protein biochemistry (structural and functional genomics) and I am interested in understanding and interpreting structure and conformation of a wide variety of proteins, which is going to be a challenging task in the world of biotechnology: this would be helpful in drug discovery, therapies for disease due to protein folding defects etc.