Vanessa Stoehr (France)

Vanessa Dietert, born in 1988 in Obernai (FR), is especially interested in foreign languages, intercultural communication and cross-border cooperation.
She obtained in 2009 at the University of Strasbourg a BA in languages and intercultural studies in the Germanic area (focusing on German, English and Swedish languages and cultures), including one semester as an Erasmus student in Växjö (SE).
After professional experiences in Freiburg (DE) at the EUCOR Network for Scandinavian studies and in the field of marketing in Hamburg (DE), she applied at the University of Strasbourg for the Euroculture Master Programme and graduated at the University of Göttingen (DE).
After having been a manager of cross-border cooperation projects funded by the INTERREG programme (ERDF) for the University of Strasbourg and the French National Centre for Scientific research (CNRS), she is nowadays a European and international projects officer at the University of Strasbourg. She helps University researchers to apply for and manage EU and international research fundings.

Vanessa’s Euroculture experience
Vanessa begun the programme at the University of Strasbourg, spent her second semester at the University of Göttingen (DE) and chose the professional track for her third semester by doing an internship at the Joint Secretariat of the Upper Rhine Conference in Kehl (DE). According to her, the Euroculture Programme is in the image of the famous motto “united in diversity”. It offers a wide range of fields of expertise enriched by its member universities who propose their own disciplinary perspective. These “Eurocultural” experiences, by the mixing of theory and practice, enabled her to widen her overview of the idea of Europe through the cultural richness of the students and the staffs, as well as to experience the realities of the perception of Europe on the field.