PhD topic
Evaluating biodiversity within socio-ecological systems to inform community-led management of the African rainforest

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2023 PhD student
Department of Conservation Biology, University of Göttingen

2018 - 2023 Researcher
Researcher, Ebo Forest Research Project, Cameroon

2017 - 2018 Master of Science in Natural Resource Management
University of Dschang

2015 - 2017 Master of Engineering in Forestry and Wildlife
University of Dschang

2012 - 2015 Bachelor Degree in Forestry
University of Dschang



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Temgoua, L.F., Dongmo, W., Nguimdo V.V.R., Nguena, C., 2018. Tree Diversity and Carbon Stocks in Cocoa based Agroforestry Systems in Eastern Cameroon: Case Study of the Learning and Research Forest of the University of Dschang. Journal of Applied Biosciences. 122: 12274-12286.

Temgoua, L.F., Momo, S.M.C., Nguimdo V.V.R., Tagne, B.C., Tanougong, A., 2018. Spatiotemporal dynamic of land-use/land-cover and carbon stocks in the eastern Cameroon: a case study of the teaching and research forest of the University of Dschang. Forest Science and Technology, 14(4).