Project (Hannelore Ehrenreich)

PhD Position for Genetics of Neuropsychiatric Disease

Highly qualified candidates with a clear commitment to basic and interdisciplinary genetic research on brain diseases are invited to apply. The successful applicant will work from bench to bedside in a multidisciplinary and international team and receive support by technical personnel. Applicants should hold a master/diploma in genetics, bioinformatics or related disciplines. They should be fluent in English, have a strong interest in promoting their scientific career in genetics of neuropsychiatric diseases. We are seeking highly enthusiastic and ambitious individuals with particular interest in translational and clinical neuroscience. Specifically, the applicant would utilize the presently world-wide largest phenotypical database (GRAS data collection) on schizophrenia and autism for novel approaches to phenotype-based genetic association studies (PGAS). Dependent on the outcome of these approaches, i.e. the identified genotype constellations, further work may involve expression analyses (e.g. DropSeq, qPCR, protein, IHC, FACS) or clinical follow-up studies (e.g. neuropsychology, MRI).

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For more information see for instance:

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