Project (Gražvydas Lukinavičius)

Labeling of nucleic acids using alkyltransferases

Methyltransferase-assisted labeling of nucleic acids relies on cofactor S Adenosyl L methionine (AdoMet) analogs where transferrable methyl group has been replaced with extended functionalized chains. However, this approach is largely limited to in vitro applications because of poor cell membrane permeability of AdoMet analogs. The highly interdisciplinary project aims to develop cell membrane permeable AdoMet analogs and use them for DNA or RNA modifying enzymes which can position fluorescent probes at the specific sequences. It involves chemical synthesis of the cofactor analogues and mutagenesis of the enzymes acting on nucleic acids combined with selection of the variants which can incorporate fluorescent labels into natural DNA or RNA. The final goal is to use such labelling strategy in combination with STED or MINFLUX microscopy methods for the elucidation of chromatin structure in living and fixed cells.

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For more information see for instance:

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