Our Mission

  • Research:
    Provision of material for teaching and analytical purposes in forest, agricultural and horticultural sciences, biology, geography, and other disciplines
  • Dendrologisches Praktikum

  • Conservation:
    Plants of defined origin form a living reference library and an important gene resource (read more...)
  • Saatgut
    Photograph by S. Eckardt

  • Education:
    We offer guided tours for small children, pupils and adult-education groups on demand.
  • Führung Schulklasse FBG

  • Horticultural consultation:
    We answer all questions regarding plant selection, species characteristics and pest management
  • Große Wühlmaus Fraßbild
    Photograph by S. Eckardt

  • Recreation:
    Providing a scenic view of the Leine river valley, the Forest Botanical Garden is an attractive getaway
  • FBG Überblick extra-small

For tours and consultation please contact Mr. Meng (see left side bar for contact details)