Dr. Alfons M. van den KERKHOF

Dr. van den Kerkhof studied geology at the Free University of Amsterdam with petrology as a main discipline and geochemistry and ore geology as subsidiary subjects. The Ph.D. study comprised the modeling of geological fluid systems on the hand of phase diagrams, high PT experiments, and the study of fluid inclusions (Prof. J.L.R. Touret). Microthermometry and Raman spectrometry were applied in this work. Additional high PT experiments followed at the universities of Utrecht and Tübingen. The results were applied a.o. to deep-crustal processes like the formation of granulites in high-grade metamorphic terranes. Field work mainly concentrated in the Proterozoic of southern Finland and Norway. Since 1990 he works as a research scientist at the University of Göttingen with responsibilities for the laboratories and education in the field of paleofluids (fluid inclusions) and cathodoluminescence microscopy. The field of interest comprises fluid-rock interaction in its widest sense and its implications for basic geological processes.