Committed to Excellence

Founded in 1737, the University of Göttingen is a research university of high international standing. The university is well-known, not only for its remarkably diverse range of subjects, but also for its research-led teaching and outstanding scientific environment, where more than 40 Nobel laureates have lived, studied, researched, and taught. In 2007 Georg-August-Universität was recognized by the Excellence Initiative, which promotes top-level research in Germany, for its institutional strategy. This places Göttingen among the top nine German universities, thus making it internationally visible as one of the world's foremost institutions of higher education.

Georgia Augusta: "in publica commoda"

"For the good of all" has been the university's motto from its beginning. As such, the university's goal has always been to make the results of scientific research accessible for the good of all. After World War II the Georg-August-Universität was the first in Germany to resume teaching. The University has expanded to become one of Germany's largest, and it currently hosts some 24,000 students. Over recent years the university has undergone far-reaching reforms. They have brought about a greater degree of internationalization, enhanced quality in research and teaching, heightened autonomy and responsibility at all levels, and optimized employment of resources.

Variety of study programmes

Around 1,000 different course combinations can be selected within the 80 Bachelor's degree programmes. The university's Master's and PhD programmes are intensively research-focused and promote outstanding performance. Study courses taught in English, bi-national dual degrees and required study-abroad periods ensure that graduates emerge excellently equipped to enter the international job market.

Advice and support

Students are offered far-reaching advice and support in all phases of their studies. The students play a central role in decisions regarding the utilisation of funds from tuition fees and the teaching of courses is evaluated by participants on a regular basis.

Excellent library

The State and University Library of Lower Saxony (SUB) is the recipient of a host of awards. With its large holdings of books and other items, it constitutes one of the five largest research libraries in Germany. The 143 smaller libraries located in the faculties and seminar departments make further material available as well as provide additional services. Connected for life More than 300 computer workstations are available at 25 university locations. On the university campus, in the library and in the historic city, wireless Internet is available. The teaching management systems Clix and StudIP as well as eLearningmodules are implemented to enhance learning outcomes. Students receive a life-long email account with an extensive user profile.

About the City of Göttingen

First mentioned in 953, Göttingen with its approximately 130,000 citizens is a city where tradition and innovation complement one another perfectly. The historic quarter with its excellently preserved timber-framed houses on the one side, and the University of Göttingen with its 24,000 students on the other side form a lively atmosphere that is nowhere else to be found.

The university departments and buildings are dispersed at various campuses around the city and are within easy walking or cycling distance of each other. The local economy includes many innovative, technology-oriented enterprises in the sectors of measurement and control engineering, biotechnology, optics, medical technology and information technology. Several of these companies are spin-offs from university research projects. Most of them gladly welcome Georgia Augusta students for internships and student jobs.

The Research Campus is a unique collaborationamong spirited and successful research and learning establishments. This network includes the five Max Planck-Institutes for Biophysical Chemistry, Dynamics and Self-Organisation, Experimental Medicine, Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, and the MPI for Solar System Research, as well as the Göttingen Academy of Sciences, the German Primates Centre, German Centre for Aviation and Aerospace, the laser laboratory and the Herzog-August-Library in Wolfenbüttel.

All these institutions are open to our students. Here you find the ideal place to intensify and deepen your own research results. This unique structure supports Georgia Augusta's reputation as one of the most research-oriented universities in Germany.

Situated in the geographical center of Germany and Europe, Göttingen has excellent traffic connections, i.e. Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt are only a two hour train ride away.

But you don't have to go that far to take a break, because Göttingen itself offers a lot of possibilities for recreational activities. The town has three theaters, a symphony orchestra, and many cinemas, cafes and pubs, which provide numerous opportunities to meet like-minded people. Or you can engage at the university student union, which sponsors many cultural and recreational events. Finally, the city and the university offer a variety of activities for the sports enthusiasts.