Dr. Dimitri Almeida

French and Portuguese area studies

Core areas in research and teaching:

    After a doctoral thesis on European politics (Routledge 2012) and a second book on conflicts over the meaning of French laïcité (VS Springer 2017), my current research focuses on the intersection of identity politics, representations of space and secularism in contemporary France.

Current publications

Cultural policy Dimitri Almeida
2019 Aufsatz/ Article
Cultural Retaliation: The Cultural Policies of the 'New' Front National

A Propos
2018 Aufsatz/ Article
Penser l'extrême droite en milieu rural Un récit de deux France?

Mujeres en red mulheres em rede Dimitri Almeida
2018 Sammelband/ Edited volume/ ouvrage collectif
Mulheres em rede/ Mujeres en red: Convergências lusófonas

2018 Aufsatz/ Article
Marianne at the Beach: The French Burkini Controversy and the Shifting Meanings of Republican Secularism

Dimitri Almeida Laizität
2017 Buch/ Book/ Livre
Laizität im Konflikt: Politik und Religion in Frankreich