Integrated Campus Management

The students’ IT systems of the University of Göttingen are linked up for three major reasons:

  • data only needs to be recorded once in the place with the greatest knowledge about you
  • transparency for users
  • standardised authentication

To do this leading systems are configured for all types of data and all processes and interfaces are designed for these configurations.
In real terms this means, for example, that a course is stored by the lecturer with title and synopsis in the course catalogue (UniVZ) and also linked to the modules relevant to the course. The lecturer does not need to take any further action regarding the degree courses or departments in which these modules can be included: this information is automatically added from the digital directory of modules (ModulVZ). As soon as the date and place of an exam are set, they are entered by the lecturer in UniVZ and are then used via an interface by the course organisers and the examination office to release the exam in FlexNow; there is no need for the course title, module or exam dates to be input again.
The aim, besides these links at data level, is for users to be able to switch between the systems as easily as possible: from selecting the course in the UniVZ course catalogue through the study materials in the Stud.IP teaching management system to exam registration in the FlexNow exam administration.