2017 Workshop

2017 University of Gӧttingen-Kyoto University Workshop on „Sustainable International Agricultural Development“

(Dec. 07-09, 2017, Gӧttingen)



Program on Dec. 07

Time: 9:00-17:00  on Dec.  7, 2017

Venue:  Alten Mensa,  Wilhelmsplatz 3, Goettingen.

*Each presenter has 30 minutes for presentation, and followed by 15 minutes for discussion.  


9:00-9:30 Opening Remarks

Chair: Prof. Xiaohua YU

Prof. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Vice President, University of Gӧttingen

Prof. Bernhard Bruemmer, Professor, Vice Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Science, University of Gӧttingen

Prof. Motoki Akitsu. Professor, Vice Dean, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University


Session1  : Agricultural Trade and Rural Development

Chair: Prof. Motoki Akitsu


Presenter: Prof. Bernhard Bruemmer (Professor of Agricultural Economics, Uni. Gӧttingen)

Title: Food Standards and Agricultural Trade

Discussant: Prof. Chieko Umetsu


1015-1045               Tea/Coffee break



Presenter: Prof. Chieko UmetsuProfessor of Agricultural Economics, Kyoto University

TitleMeasuring the efficiency of collective floodplain aquacultures of Bangladesh using Data Envelopment Analysis

Discussant: Prof. Xiaohua YU



Presenter: Prof. Fabian Froese (Professor of Human Resource Management, Uni Gӧttingen)

Title:  Employability of Chinese Youths: Rural and Urban Vocational School Students

Discussant: Prof. Xiaohua YU


Lunch Break: 12:15-13:30   Venue: Conference Room


Session 2 : Rural Social Dynamics in Japan and Germany

Chair: Prof. Xiaohua YU


Presenter: Prof. Motoki Akitsu  (Professor of Rural Sociology, Kyoto University

Title: Two stories for understanding rural changes in Japan: Generation approaches to depopulated areas and women’s entrepreneur movement

Discussant:  Prof. Claudia Neu


Presenter: Prof. Claudia Neu  (Professor of Rural Sociology, Uni. Gӧttingen

Title: Daseinsvorsorge: Crises and opportunities for individual life planning and public service provision

Discussant: Prof. Motoki Akitsu


15:00-15:30:  Tea/Coffee  Break


Session 3 :  Climate Change, Biodiversity and Farmer Welfare

Chair: Prof. Claudia Neu


Presenter: Prof. Tobias Plieninger (Professor of Social-Ecological Interactions in Agricultural System, Uni. Goettingen)

Title: Fostering biocultural diversity in landscapes through place-based food networks: a ‘‘solution scan’’ of European and Japanese models

Discussant: Prof. Motoki Akitsu/ Dr. Ulf Roemer


Presenter:  Dr. Dirk Augustin  (Experimental Farm Manager, Uni. Gӧttingen)

Title:  Agriculture and Climate Change in German Local Regions (Tentative Title)

Discussant: Dr. Ulf Roemer


Presenter: Prof.  Xiaohua YU (Professor of Agricultural Economics, Uni. Gӧttingen)

Title: Engel Curve, Farmer Welfare and Food Consumption in 40 Years of Rural China

Discussant: Prof. Chieko Umetsu



Conclusion Remarks: Prof. Motoki Akitsu and Prof. Xiaohua YU 




Program on Dec. 08


9:00 am: Start from Goettingen Train Station

9:45 am: (around) Arrival at the Experimental Farm in Relliehausen

 Dr. Dirk Augustin  (Manager of the Farm)

Address: Waldstraße 5, 37586 Dassel link: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/112047.html )

11:40 am: Departure for KWS

12:00    : Arrival at KWS

             Program in KWS is attached.

16:15   : Depart for Einbeck for a city tour

17:15    :  Departure for Goettingen

18:15   : Arrival at Goettingen



 Program on Dec. 09


Time: 9:00-17:00  on Dec.  9, 2017

Venue:  Seminar Room 1, 9th Floor, Platz Der Goettinger Sieben 5, 37073, Goettingen.

*Each presenter has 20 minutes for presentation, followed by 10 minutes comments by a senior researcher or fellow participants.  



Chair: Ms. Lin-Jung CHIU  (Kyoto University)

8:30-9:00 Ms. Eva Hasiner

         Title: Vulnerability to overweight:  An application to the Chinese working age population

         Discussant: Prof. Chieko Umetsu


9:00-9:30 Ms. Erina SETO-SUH  (Kyoto University)

           Title: The hybrid social space of Vietnamese vegetable gardens in Japan

            Discussant: Prof. Claudia Neu


9:30-10:00 Mr. Tahir Mahmood (Uni Gӧttingen)

           Title: What determines food (in)security in Pakistan?

            Discussant: Prof. Chieko Umetsu


10:00-10:30 Mr. Masao FUKUTOMI  (Kyoto University)

            Title: Do people care about others’ payoff consequence in referendum voting? A laboratory experiment (with Yohei Mitani)

         Discussant:  Prof. Xiaohua Yu


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


Chair: Ms. Eva Hasiner (Uni Gӧttingen)

11:00-11:30 Mr. Henning Schaak (Uni Gӧttingen)

            Title: True attitudes of the agricultural sector towards GM and chemical crop protection

             Discussant: Prof. Motoki Akitsu


11:30-12:00 Mr. Yuquan Chen (Uni Gӧttingen)

            Title:  Does the Centralized Slaughtering Policy Create Market Power for Pork Industry in China?

            Discussant: Dr. Ulf Roemer


12:00-12:30 Ms. Lin-Jung CHIU (Kyoto University)

           Title:  The Food Consciousness in Children’s Educational Picture Books: A Case Study of the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan

            Discussant: Dr. Ulf Romer /Prof. Xiaohua Yu



12:30-14:00 Lunch at the Mensa

14:00-17:00 City Tour in Goettingen



Lists of Presenters


Kyoto University

Prof. Motoki Akitsu (Rural Sociology)

Prof. Chieko Umetsu  (Environmental Economics and Development Economics)

Ms. Erina SETO-SUH

Ms. Lin-Jung CHIU 


Mr. Makoto Kuroda


University of Goettingen

Prof. Bernhard Bruemmer  (Agricultural market analysis)

Prof. Claudia Neu (Rural Sociology)

Prof. Xiaohua Yu (Agricultural Economics)

Prof. Fabian Froese (Human Resource Management in Faculty of Economic Sciences)

Dr. Dirk Augustin (Experimental Farmer Manager, Uni. Goettingen )

Dr. Ulf Roemer (Research Fellow, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development,  Uni. Goettingen)

Ms. Eva Hasiner

Mr. Tahir Mahmood

Mr. Henning Schaak

Mr. Yuquan Chen



 If you are interested in participation, please contact Ms. Jana Nowakowsky for registration. Registration is free.

Contact Information:

Prof. Xiaohua Yu,   Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, University of Goettingen. Room 10.121, Platz Der Goettinger Sieben 5, 37073 Goettingen,

Tel: +49-551-3919574; Email: xyu@gwdg.de

Ms. Jana Nowakowsky , Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, University of Goettingen. Room 10.121, Platz Der Goettinger Sieben 5, 37073 Goettingen,

Tel:+49-551-394883email: jana.nowakowsky@agr.uni-goettingen.de