Featured Thinker at the ZTMK: Hayden White


On June 7, 2011, Hayden White was the distinguished guest and "Featured Thinker" of a one-day workshop at the University of Göttingen, hosted by the Center for Modern Humanities (ZTMK) and organized by Prof. Dr. Bärbel Tischleder and Prof. Dr. Rebekka Habermas. Hayden White is Professor Emeritus in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. One of the most influential thinkers of our time, he became known for his groundbreaking theories on historical writing and narrative.

Hayden White, an energetic and captivating speaker, and about 80 participants – faculty members as well as doctoral students and postdocs from different disciplines – engaged in in a lively discussion on the basis of selected essays of White's oeuvre. In three thematic sections, respondents provided short inputs and commentary on core aspects of his work. From the American Studies faculty, Dr. des. Daniel Stein, Birte Otten, and Emily Petermann gave short position papers; Prof. Bärbel Tischleder and Prof. Frank Kelleter each chaired one of the sessions. The photos were taken at the event. For further information and more pictures, please also see the ZTMK-homepage.