Short-term International Mentorship Programme (STIM)

Within our efforts to create a concept for career development for women scientists involved in joint research projects on the Goettingen Campus, the Short-term International Mentorship Programme is one of the first measures that has been designed and implanted within the project Equal Opportunities in Collaborative Research. Since researchers are routinely confronted with tasks that originally do not belong to their research and teaching, the concept has been purposely designed with a "sleek" administrative structure.

The mentorships are open to all female researchers that are employed within a joint research project of the German Research Foundation. They offer them the opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad at an early point in their career and to connect with an internationally renowned personality as a mentor. Mentees will be able to cultivate new contacts and expand their international network in order to ideally prepare themselves for their later career path. Usually, the mentorship exceeds the stay in Goettingen so that the mentees can continue to benefit from their mentors' great experience as an established researcher.

Please contact the coordinator of the program if you are interested. Contact information can be found in the left column.