Why our students recommend Göttingen

  • Aisling Boyle (Northern Ireland)

    Alumna of the "Euroculture" Master Programme

    Language(s): English

  • Karen Small (Guyana)

    Master student in "Tropical and International Forestry"

    Language(s): English

  • Dr. Nadeem Sheikh (Pakistan)

    Göttingen Alumnus

    Language(s): English

  • Ayako Ebata (Japan)

    PhD student in Agricultural Economics

    Language(s): English, Japanese

  • Monica-Elena Stoian (Romania)

    Alumna of the programme „Intercultural German Philology“

    Language(s): German, English, Romanian

  • Nandan Joshi (India)

    PhD Student in Astrophysics

    Language(s): English

  • Carlos A. Padilaa Bravo (Chile)

    PhD Student in Agricultural Science

    Language(s): Spanish, English

  • John Zualaga (Columbia)

    PhD Student in Law Science

    Language(s): Spanish, German

  • Wong Tsz (Hongkong)

    Alumnus of the "Euroculture" Master Programme

    Language(s): English, Cantonese

  • Francisco Fernandez (Spain)

    Law student

    Language(s): German, Spanish

  • Vinicius de Toledo Ribas (Brasil)

    Postdoctoral Researcher in Neurology

    Language(s): English

  • Tabitha Price (Great Britain)

    PhD Student in Cognitive Neuroscience

    Language(s): English

  • Alain Mendy (Senegal)

    MSc student of business informatics

    Language(s): German

  • Göttingen students at the Christmas Market

    Language(s): English