Dr. Egle Tafenau


  • Mathematics
  • Advanced Mathemathics (Optimization)
  • Statistics

  • Research

  • Welfare effects of subsidies and taxes in the models of the new economic geography
  • Shadow economy in the regions of the EU
  • Spatial econometrics in the models with latent variables

  • Publications

  • Herwartz, H., Tafenau, E. and Schneider, F. (2013), One share fits all? Regional variations in the extent of the shadow economy in Europe, Regional Studies. doi: 10.1080/00343404.2013.848034.
  • Herwartz, H., Schneider, F. and Tafenau, E. (2011). Regional Patterns of the Shadow Economy: Modelling Issues and Evidence from the European Union. In: Schneider, F. (Ed.) Handbook on the Shadow Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 201-257.
  • Paas, T., Tafenau, E. and Scannell, N. (2008), Gravity equation analysis in the context of international trade: Model specification implications in the case of the European Union, Eastern European Economics 46, 92-113.
  • Paas, T. and Tafenau, E. (2005), Regional trade clusters in promoting eastward enlargement of European Union, Transition Studies Review 12, 77-90.
  • Paas, T., Tafenau, E. and Scannell, N. (2004), Economic growth in transitional versus industrial economies: A case of the Baltic Sea region, The Journal of American Academy of Business 1 & 2, 9-18.