Welcome to Göttingen!

Students from abroad who come to study at Göttingen as part of their degree courses at home are welcome to also take classes at the English Department. We ask, however, that they do not simply choose courses at random but check before coming to Göttingen whether the courses are actually available for study. The module system employed at the English Department usually does not allow to take single classes for credits as the definition of 'module' entails two or more learning units in combination. Please note that you must get your learning agreement signed by both your home and the host universities to make it valid (Erasmus students).

It would be very helpful for us if we knew that you are planning to stay with us. We ask, therefore, that you informally register with us (see the link in the right-hand menu) - this is mainly for getting in touch with you, and for knowing who will be studying with us in the next semesters.

Modules Specifically for Students from Abroad

We offer a number of modules specifically suitable for students from abroad. For researching the appropriate courses, open the course listing on UniVZ (http://univz.uni-goettingen.de), choose 'Courses', then Philosophische Fakultät > Englische Philologie > English: Language, Literatures and Cultures/Englisch (Lehramt) (BA) to find the course listings for BA students of English. Further information is given for each of the following modules; click on the respective heading to access a brief description. Note that you can take each of these modules JUST ONCE - you cannot register twice for the same module.

Other Modules at the Department

Students from abroad can also choose courses that do not fit into these modules. Please note, however, that courses are usually NOT credited as single courses. According to the Göttingen module system, most modules contain two or more classes which must be taken together in order to obtain the credits that German students gain. Modules suitable for students from abroad are:

  • B.EP.201 Anglophone Literature and Culture I
  • B.EP.31 American Cultural History
  • B.EP.22 Syntax
  • B.EP.23 Semantics
  • B.EP.204 Medieval English Literature and Culture
  • Advanced English Language Class