Rakhma Sujarwo (Bogor, Indonesia)

Rakhma Sujarwo (Bogor, Indonesia)

Educational background:

  • Bachelor in Horticulture at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) at Bogor in Indonesia
  • Master student (Dual-Degree Master Program) in Sustainable International Agriculture at the University of Göttingen

  • “I feel grateful to have a chance of studying at the University of Göttingen, one of great universities in Europe. I applied for a dual-degree program under Dikti scholarship (Indonesian Government) for one year study in Bogor Agriculture University (majoring Agribusiness) Indonesia and one year study in the University of Göttingen for Sustainable International Agriculture Master Program, majoring in International Agribusiness and Rural Development. Agricultural Faculty in the University of Göttingen has good reputation so that many international agriculture students and researcher (including me) are interested to come and study here.

    All facilities provided by the university are supporting the learning activities, which develop and enhance my knowledge. Libraries, laboratories, and classes are well equipped. The diversity of students, researchers and professors allows me to have an opportunity to expand my network internationally. I had some opportunities to work as student assistant that provide me experience. Eventhough I took all courses in English, I also joined German course which was really fun and it’s free.

    Göttingen is known as “universitätstadt”. It has beautiful landscape and really nice neighbors to be explored. I enjoy bicycling also feel safe and secure in this city. Göttingen is just simply perfect to be the place to study. I will never regret coming to Göttingen and studying in the University of Göttingen.”

    Field of studies in Göttingen:
    Master student (Dual-Degree Master Program) in Sustainable International Agriculture