Erasmus+ Online registration /Nomination for an Erasmus+ Exchange (programme countries)

With the Erasmus+ Key Action 103 online registration (“nomination”) process you can register for the Erasmus+ Key Action 103 programme of the University of Göttingen. Please fill out the form after you have successfully applied to your Erasmus+ departmental coordinator for an Erasmus+ Key Action 103 exchange place at a partner university.

This online registration does not replace your direct registration with the chosen partner university!

To apply for an exchange place as well as to register at the chosen partner university, please first contact your responsible Erasmus+ departmental coordinator (please see right column).

Please fill out the online form carefully: Any errors may result in delays in important communications, failure to receive important documents or, should you be selected for funding, your Erasmus+ KA 103 grant may be incorrectly remitted. Please also pay close attention to exact uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • You can switch between the pages in the online form and edit the information already entered.
  • You can save your entries and continue later. Only after you submit the application data, you will no longer be able to edit them online.
  • After submitting your data, a PDF is created. Print two copies of the form and, if necessary, correct manually.
  • Then please sign a copy and send it to your Departmental Coordinator.
  • Your Departmental Coordinator will then review the nomination and, if necessary, correct it by hand and sign it.
  • The Departmental Coordinator then sends the form to:

    Sabine Plünnecke
    Abteilung Göttingen International
    Erasmus+ Key Action 103 Team
    Von-Siebold-Str. 2
    37075 Göttingen

  • Please note that by signing the form, you are accepting the Erasmus+ KA 103 grant and the associated obligations.
  • Please keep a copy of the online nomination for your records.

Data protection:
With your online registration, you are providing us with all the required information about yourself and your place of exchange. This data will be used exclusively for the purposes directly related to the exchange, if confirmed by the Erasmus+ departmental coordinator. All other records are deleted.