FAQ Incoming Students Erasmus+

1. I would like to come to Göttingen next semester as an Erasmus+ student. Can you send me a course catalog so that I can choose my courses?

  • Please write us from which partner university you come and which subject you study. This way, we can check if we have exchange places arranged with your university in the respective subject. Then we can give you the name of the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator in Göttingen who will help you plan your studies.

2. Who will sign my Learning Agreement?

  • The Learning Agreement has to be signed by the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator at your home university and by the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator in Göttingen.

3. On my Learning Agreement, it says that the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator in Göttingen also has to sign the agreement. How do I get this signature?

  • At the University of Göttingen it is not the Erasmus+ University Coordinator who signs the Learning Agreements. Only the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators are allowed to sign the Learning Agreements and can evaluate and confirm their content.

4. What do I have to do to get a room in a student dormitory in Göttingen?

5. How do I get a certificate of enrolment?

  • When you enrol, you receive access to STUD.IP and can print out a certificate of enrolment at any time using the self-service functions.


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